Representing Yourself in Divorce

What to Think About if You Are Representing Yourself in Divorce

Are you representing yourself in divorce? Learn what mistakes to avoid by watching this educational video by experienced New Jersey attorney Tanya L. Freeman.

A litigant can decide whether he or she wants to go this journey alone. I have had cases where the litigants on the other side are pro se, meaning that they have decided to represent themselves. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of research and work that they have accomplished. Other times, I have seen small disasters when we get to court.

Think long and hard before you decide to represent yourself. The first thing you should ask yourself is how complex your case is. You might be perfectly fine representing yourself because you have a straightforward divorce. If assets, debt, home ownership, or children are part of the equation, I would highly recommend that you consult an attorney and better determine whether representing yourself would be advisable.