Pro Se Divorce Pleadings

Learn About Drafting Your Own Pro Se Divorce Pleadings

Are you representing yourself in court and drafting your own pro se divorce pleadings? New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Tanya L. Freeman explains the process in this educational video.

In order for you to represent yourself in court, it is important to be comfortable drafting your own paperwork, or pleadings. Forms available on a court’s website are sample pleadings, some of which can be filled out electronically. Other courts require that divorce seekers replicate those particular documents, and in order to file these papers, it is essential to know the order in which these papers are filed, where they are filed, if there is a fee associated with each of these forms, what the fee is, and how that fee is paid.

The courts will not provide photocopies of these documents; rather, they will require that the original and a certain number of copies be sent in a self-addressed stamped envelope. The court will not pay for postage. Any misstep on any of these parts of the process will inevitably delay divorce proceedings. If you choose to self-represent in court, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of each of these rules and how to navigate this process.