Minimizing Attorney Fees

Learn About Minimizing Attorney Fees in a Divorce

Divorce can be frustrating and costly. Watch this video by Tanya L. Freeman, a dedicated divorce attorney in New Jersey to learn how about minimizing attorney fees.

It is important to remember that your lawyer is a part of your team to help you with the legal issues in your case. Your lawyer is not your therapist. Your lawyer should not become your friend. Your lawyer is not a future member of your family. You need to manage the relationship with your lawyer so that you are using her or his time wisely. Your time is valuable but finite, and you want to use that time for legal questions only.

When clients call me and ask questions that are not related to legal matters, I tell them to pause. If they want my answer, I advise them, I will provide it, but their question is not a legal question. Remember to bring your lawyer your legal questions only; save the issues that are not legal advice for people other than your attorney.