Managing Your Emotions

Learn About Managing Your Emotions During Divorce

Having trouble managing your emotions in a divorce? Tanya L. Freeman, a skilled divorce lawyer in New Jersey provides strategies to help you overcome your anxiety and fears.

Managing your feelings as you navigate your journey is an important consideration. You may feel that worrying about your feelings is unnecessary, and that you will be able to get through this entire process. At many times throughout this journey, though, I have to stop and help my client reground him- or herself. The process is emotional, whether you embrace the stress at the onset of the case or the stress manifests midway through the case. You are working to take apart a relationship that you built, and you built it with the hope that it would last forever. Dismantling such a relationship is almost certain to cause significant stress, and you must consider your feelings throughout litigation.

You may have children involved in the process. There might be pets involved in the process. Everyone has a trigger that suddenly makes the divorce seem to be too much to handle. A great attorney is going to know when to sense that in her or his client. The attorney will realize that some matter is going to become a stumbling block. I recommend that my clients to take regular breaks during times of stress to reassess where they are in the process. If they are not feeling emotionally ready to tackle a triggering issue on a particular day, it is best to step back and try again at a later date.