Managing Friends and Family

Learn How to Start Managing Friends and Family in a Divorce

Managing friends and family in a divorce can become very complicated. Watch this educational video by Tanya L. Freeman, experienced divorce attorney in New Jersey for tips.

Managing your friends and family as you go through this journey is extremely critical to your well-being in the process. Family members also want to pile on their own advice, sometime regardless of whether you requested it. Those conversations should not be problematic if they happen once in the process, but they comprise a weekly or even daily part of your routine, the constant distraction may make it difficult for you to move forward in your divorce.

Your friends may become just as distracting as your relatives. I often tell my clients at the onset of their case that it is a wise idea to say to family and friends, “I need to navigate this process by myself, so unless what you are telling me is constructive, please hold that thought for the time being.” You want to manage these relationships carefully if you have children because the children will inevitably hear negative language about the other spouse from a friend or relative. Everybody needs to remember that the person being discussed is also the children’s other parent. Manage those conversations carefully and remember to be assertive with your family and friends if you want to navigate your process more easily.