Local Divorce Attorneys

Is There an Advantage to Using Local Divorce Attorneys?

Is there any advantage to using local divorce attorneys? Tanya L. Freeman, dedicated New Jersey divorce lawyer explains in the following educational video.

A common question from clients who are about to navigate their journey involves the importance of having a local attorney. I often answer this question with a yes. The great attorneys in each community know the court system in which they are working. They have undertaken enough cases in a particular court where they can advise clients about the partisanship and preferences of individual judges. That extra edge can also prove advantageous in dealings with other attorneys; I can say within some degree of certainty to a potential client that I personally know the attorney representing her or his spouse, and I can anticipate that attorney’s likely approach during divorce proceedings.

Can an “out of town” attorney come into a jurisdiction and do an excellent job representing you? Absolutely. Is the law the same throughout your state, regardless of town or county borders? Absolutely. However, extra knowledge of the bench in the community where a case will be litigated is critical. As you interview attorneys to potentially assist you in your journey, you should listen for that type of information coming from them. How well do these attorneys know the community where the case will be litigated, and how well do they know the judges there?