Hiring The Wrong Divorce Lawyer

Hiring The Wrong Divorce Lawyer Can Cost You Time and Money, Learn What To Avoid

Hiring The Wrong Divorce Lawyer Can Be Devastating! Experienced New Jersey attorney Tanya L. Freeman explains how to avoid being pressured.

During an initial retainer with a potential attorney, I recommend taking care to not make a decision on the spot. I tell potential clients that there is no sale on divorce; my rate is not going to change, regardless of whether a client retains me the next day or in three weeks’ time.

If you find yourself feeling that level of pressure in an initial consultation with an attorney to hurry up and sign the retainer, you should slow down. You can always take the retainer home, think about the process further, and even conduct research on the attorney.

Ask people in the community maybe that have been divorced and if they had any interactions with this particular attorney. You have to make an important but informed decision about who is going to partner with you to get you through this process. It should not be something that you feel rushed to do after an initial consultation.