Free Divorce Services

Find Out How To Receive Free Divorce Services

Getting help from free divorce services can save you a ton of money! In this educational video, New Jersey lawyer Tanya L. Freeman discusses the best places to look for help.

Clients have also asked me about free or low-cost services in their communities to help them navigate their process. Law schools will often have either third-year law students or recent law graduates who are willing to work for a reduced fee in order to assist people in navigating their divorces. These clients will still have the service of a licensed attorney, but at a highly reduced rate. Likewise, depending on the income level of a family, spouses may qualify for legal services. In many communities, there is free or low-cost legal work available to litigants who have limited financial resources. These are two convenient avenues for you to consider if you are unsure if you can afford an attorney to help you navigate your process.