First Divorce Consultation

What You Will Need to Bring to Your First Divorce Consultation

Wondering what you should bring to your first divorce consultation? Dedicated New Jersey divorce lawyer Tanya L. Freeman explains in the following educational video.

On your initial consultation, you should come equipped with questions that you are going to ask. You may bring along some documents. You should not expect the attorney to want to review documents, but most attorneys are going to thumb through some financial records. I tend to look at tax returns, and I ask potential clients to bring a few years’ worth of tax returns with them.

In that initial meeting, what should you ask the attorney? If you are meeting with the attorney whose name is on the door, you should ask the attorney if he or she is the one who will handle your case. If not, are there associates or junior partners in the firm, and will one of them work on your case? What percentage of the work will the lead attorney actually do? If you and the attorney have a court appearance, is it the lead attorney who will come, or will you another attorney appear? Who makes that decision? Do you as the litigant make that decision, or does the attorney make that decision? This is all important. If you choose to hire a firm because its lead attorney has a strong reputation in the community, but that particular attorney will not be handling your case, then the reason why you came to that firm is now minimized. Though you planned to hire the lead attorney, someone else is truly doing the work. You want to have that candid conversation at the onset of the case.