Divorce Support Groups

Learn How Utilizing Divorce Support Groups Can Help Recovery

Utilizing divorce support groups can help you vent your problems. Watch this educational video by Tanya L. Freeman, an experienced divorce attorney in New Jersey to learn how.

We all want to vent, and we all need advice. However, venting and receiving advice are not one and the same. I have spoken with clients who talk for several minutes without stopping, and when they finally stop, I ask, “Are you venting or are you asking for advice?” It is perfectly fine to vent, either to your lawyer or to a friend. If the clients then say, “No, I want advice,” I can pull apart each discrete topic that my clients discussed and provide specific recommendations. If the clients say that they merely wanted to vent, I remind them that I only respond to legal questions. We go through the process of deciphering what they presented during these five-minute phone calls.

If you wish to vent to your friends, I recommend starting the vent with a simple declaration: “Do not respond to what I say; I just need to vent.” If they respond to what you say, the venting will merely continue unabated, and no progress will be made. If talking to your lawyer is not enough, consider talking in a group, with a divorce coach, or with a mental health professional who will listen objectively and provide solid advice.