Divorce Lawyer with Trial Experience

Learn About The Importance of Hiring A Divorce Lawyer with Trial Experience

Watch this video by dedicated New Jersey attorney Tanya L. Freeman to understand the importance of hiring a divorce lawyer with trial experience.

Most people are going to end their journey with a mediated settlement. Both spouses are going to reach an agreement on most if not all the issues in their case. For the few people who elect to go to trial, it is important for their attorneys to have trial experience. Most attorneys will recommend settlements to their clients, and the odds of going to trial are very small. However, when a settlement cannot be easily reached, an individual should know if her or his attorney has ever been to court on a trial.

Consider asking your attorney the following questions when preparing for a trial. What does trial preparation look like in the attorney’s firm? Is it one attorney trying a case, or are there several assigned to an individual case? How will the attorneys prepare witnesses? How will they prepare the spouses? How financially savvy are the attorneys if the financial issues in the case are complex? Will it be necessary for an expert to come in and testify, or can one’s attorney walk the judge through financial matters in order to figure out how best to divide a couple’s assets? Trial experience, although it is not the paramount consideration, is key; all divorce seekers should feel they are in safe hands in the event that their cases do not settle.