Divorce Law Resources

Learn How To Utilize Divorce Law Resources When Representing Yourself

Dedicated New Jersey divorce attorney Tanya L. Freeman explains how to utilize the best divorce law resources in the following educational video.

The resources that you will use when representing yourself have to be the same as those that an attorney would use. The court and the judge are going to hold you to the same standards as an attorney, even though you are representing yourself. To start preparing for self-representation, it is crucial to rely on reputable sources.

Often the court itself has a website that may feature a self-help section containing useful forms. The court rules may also be accessible on the website, and these rules can be specific to various types of cases.

In addition, many courthouses and local law schools have law libraries. These libraries are generally open to the public, and someone seeking a divorce can conduct research by visiting the libraries in person. Local agencies are another option; the local legal services department or the local bar association may have forms and useful rules on their website that can help in navigating the process.