Divorce Financing

Learn About Divorce Financing & Funding Options

Worried you can’t afford a divorce? Tanya L. Freeman, experienced Divorce Attorney in New Jersey explains her divorce financing and funding options in this educational video.

What happens if I have no resource from which to pay my legal fees and I am actually financing my litigation on a credit card? This is a difficult decision to make, as dividing assets and splitting up a family will now incur debt. For those in that position, I recommend that they think long and hard about the attorneys they hire and how much debt they realistically think they may incur.

Likewise, if you find that your spouse is doing the same thing, at the conclusion of your case, you should both agree to liquidate a particular asset in order to pay off the debt. It is difficult enough to start off the second chapter of life having recently divided all of the marital assets, but taking on debts will create financial disadvantages at the conclusion of a case.