Divorce Attorney Discusses Managing Legal Fees

Divorce Attorney Discusses Managing Legal Fees

Divorce Attorney Discusses Managing Legal FeesAs an accomplished New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I often get questions from clients about the difficulty of managing legal fees during divorce. The journey to divorce can be a long one. Oftentimes I’m asked, “How will I make ends meet? How will I manage my legal fees, continue to keep my marital home or my bills afloat while I’m moving along on this journey?” There are many mechanisms to ensure that both of the parties have the wherewithal financially to get through the process. It could be as simple as at the onset of the litigation dividing an asset so that you both have a litigation fund as well as the ability to keep your respective homes if you’re living separately apart. Additionally, if you’re in the same home, it’s pretty standard that we use the term maintaining the status quo. If one spouse normally paid the mortgage and the other spouse paid all of the utilities, it’s likely that’s what you want to do. You shouldn’t make major shifts in how bills were paid or how you managed your finances just because you’ve embarked upon the journey of a divorce. You should really look to maintain the stability financially for the family that you enjoyed during the marriage.

This educational blog was brought to you by Tanya L. Freeman, an experienced New Jersey Divorce attorney.

Are you having trouble managing your legal fees throughout the divorce journey? Contact out professional New Jersey Divorce Attorney to help you manage them. Let our advice help you.

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