Divorce Attorney Discusses Handling School Meetings

Divorce Attorney Discusses Handling School Meetings

Divorce Attorney Discusses Handling School MeetingsAs an accomplished New Jersey Divorce Attorney, I get questions all the time from clients about how to deal with school meetings during the divorce. Navigating the journey with your children is going to lead to opportunities to spend time with your former spouse at school. School, soccer, volleyball, and any activity, you both have to be there. Absent domestic violence and if there is some restriction on your both being in the same place at the same time. These are things that you should coordinate. To the extent possible, if you could show up at the same time for the parent/teacher meeting, why not? The children will only benefit from Mom and Dad talking to the teacher together. You may not be married anymore and you may not love each other anymore, but you have this child in common and why not have an open discussion with the teacher together. Why not show up at the soccer game together? You don’t have to sit together. Your child will know that Mommy and Daddy took this journey to a divorce but they still love me because there’s Daddy cheering for me and there’s Mommy cheering for me and your children will be that much happier.

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