Choosing The Right Law Firm

Learn If Size Matters When Choosing The Right Law Firm For Your Divorce

Watch this video by Tanya L. Freeman, experienced divorce attorney in New Jersey to Learn If Size Matters When Choosing The Right Law Firm For Your Divorce.

As you interview attorneys in your community, there will be several options. Some attorneys will be solo practitioners, and they will be the only attorneys in their offices aside from some support staff. Other attorneys work for mid-size, robust practices of five to twenty-five. There are also attorneys who work for much larger firms where there are various departments within the firm, and there are multitudes of attorneys covering different areas of law.

Is one practice type better than the other? From my perspective, not really. The size of the firm depends most on what the client is seeking and expecting from an attorney. Be sure to ask yourself these questions in order to most effectively make your decision.

Is my case relatively straightforward? Would I prefer to work one on one with an attorney, and only with that attorney? If my attorney were to fall ill and have to take a week off work, would I be comfortable with that? If my court date were moved because my attorney had other cases in progress, could I reasonably accommodate this? If so, it would be ideal to pursue the personal connection that comes with working with an attorney in a small firm.

Would I be comfortable working with a primary attorney on a daily basis, but with the security that another attorney could easily jump in, if needed? If my attorney is ill or caught up on another case, could I benefit from the extra manpower (or womanpower) from one of my attorney’s colleagues? An attorney from a mid-size firm would be preferable in this case, as there would be additional attorneys to rely upon in case of scheduling issues.

Would I prefer to hire an attorney with a team available on call to answer my supplemental, specific questions? A larger firm should be able to meet this need. Every aspect of the law is represented by one firm, and all of one’s legal needs can be met under that one umbrella. With these three distinct types of practices, there is none inherently superior to another; it is the decision of the individual which type of firm is the best fit.