Attorney Client Relationship

Learn How A Good Attorney Client Relationship Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

In this video, Tanya L. Freeman, experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer explains the benefits of a good attorney client relationship.

During this initial consultation with a potential attorney for information through the journey of divorce, I advise my clients to reflect on the nature of that session. Was there a personal connection with the attorney? Was the attorney was actively listening or giving orders? Did the attorney merely outline the divorce process or offer solutions to the client’s concerns?

I always tell my clients that the solution is in their hands. My job is to listen to the facts, inform them about the law, and then help them devise creative options. As the attorney, I am not the decision maker. If an attorney comes across during the initial consultation as trying to make all the decisions in a case, this may not be the best match. An attorney should guide a client through the journey, but the client has to own her or his journey.