Accessing Marital Funds

Learn About Accessing Marital Funds to Pay for Divorce

Worried about accessing marital funds to pay for a divorce attorney? Experienced New Jersey divorce attorney Tanya L. Freeman provides information in this educational video.

One of the first questions my clients ask is “How do I access my resources in order to pay for an attorney?” When two spouses are entering a divorce process and they are concerned about marital savings, they need to ask their attorneys early on how that money can be used to pay for attorney fees. It is also important for them to know the rule in their jurisdiction for creating a litigation fund.

If a case is going to last for six months, nine months, or even a full year, it can become increasingly costly. You should ask your attorney upfront if you can tap into marital resources at the onset of the case to help them pay for your litigation. It may help an individual decide whether he or she can afford a particular attorney if there is a marital resource available pay attorney fees.